Mission and philosophy

This service is for those who seek spiritual learning, physical, mental, spiritual healing, to connect with your innerself, an awakening, to expand their awareness, give purpose to their life, see how to help yourself and help those in need. We provide treatment for people who want to release negative emotions such as depression, guilt, anxiety, hatred, irritability and others. We believe these self-destructive habits build negative energy within the bodily systems, manifest as various diseases and physical ailments.

Sharing Knowledge
We believe the sacred knowledge of our ancestors and teachers is here for us to share and collaborate in this world. The traditional medicine we use is from the Amazon Jungle, the Andes and the Orient to benefit people now. We hope participants will pass our information onto others and future generations, to bring forth positive change and the importance of spiritual understanding in the world, especially the western world. This exchange will open your mind to new possibilties, freedoms and engage your understanding of humanity.
Healing w/ Plants
Healing through the use of plant medicines teaches us that Mother Nature has provided for us from the very beginning. Conventional medicine may treat physical and sometimes mental diseases, but what it does not treat is the imbalance. This imbalance is typically on a spiritual and/or mental level. If it is left untreated, after attempts of healing on the physical/mental plane, it paves the way for future problems. Here our plant diets come in to help heal in multi dimensions. We teach people our technique with three pillars, your mind, body and spirit. This helps them realize a higher level of consciousness and potential. After the ceremonies participants feel reborn, understanding the possibility of a fulfilling life, lies within them.
Realizing your potential
Some participants come to us with a long-term history of ailments both physical and mental. The technique we use offers a solution within a short period of time, to those who would otherwise be doomed to years upon years of therapies. These therapies tend to use harmful medications, with no viable solution or end in sight. Our offering is the possibility to rapidly emerge from these difficulties to a new way of life. Ayahuasca medicine allows people to immediately start living and realize their true potential as human beings. For participants already confident on their life path, the ayahuasca shows them what they are capable of and helps them on to the next level of their potential.
Therapuetic Integration
Therapeutic integration is essential to continuing treatment and spiritual conditioning, we believe in bringing therapies together, for example music and art. Music is said to be “playing with time” and for those who suffer from anxieties or depressions this is a wonderful form of expression and letting go, to just be in the moment. We teach Reiki as an integration aid and useful therapy. During the retreat we encourage writing and/or drawing to express oneself in the forms they connect to. Another healing modality we are teaching is breathwork, long used alongside yoga practices and in ancient times to center ones vibration in the spiritual realms.
It is important to have a community, people who share similar beliefs and are on similar paths. For this we at Shamanic Vida will always be available before and after your interactions with us. We are continously developing the community with other like-minded individuals, to talk about plant diets, master plants, shamanic practices, oriental practices, etc. This is through newsletters and social media.

Who we are and what we do

We are a new team. Returning to a more traditional way of serving medicine and people. Where as before we were a modern business model now we have naturally grown into a small family of healers. This means leaving the tight schedule behind of yoga, meditation and other therapies everyday during retreats. This allows us to faciliate a more traditional retreat as they often do in the jungle, letting each individual feel into their process and what they need. Ayahuasca healing involves a complete liberation of our hearts and minds. Once this happens it gives participants the ability to connect within themselves, helping them to be honest, respectful, humble and determined in their paths.

Our practice is traditional plant medicine from the Amazon and the Andes. The retreats are focused in guiding participants to understand how to heal themselves by implementing positive practices and understanding themselves and their place in the universe. These methods we practice are lifelong aids in realigning the energetic imbalances, improving attitude, creating positive feelings, leaving behind bad habits, bettering eating habits, greatly improving physical, spiritual and emotional health.

Everyone who works with us is dedicated, passionate and gracious for their life path in guiding others. We believe everyone can have a fulfilling life and learn the power of healing through ayahuasca ceremonies. The work we do is personal and for this reason we keep our groups small. We look forward to your joining us and taking the first step into your new life journey.