Getting to Cusco and the Sacred Valley

If you need any assistance in setting up your itinerary, please feel free to contact our team. Depending on what country you are coming from flight times into Peru vary. If your flight comes into Lima late at night we recommend staying in the airport for a few hours and at 5:00AM there are flights to Cusco. Once you have arrived in Cusco, take a marked taxi to your hotel or hostel, this should cost around 20 soles. There are taxis waiting immeditately in front of the airport.

We will meet in a designated location that is close to the centre and if you would like to tour museums or see the city of Cusco for the day before your retreat, it will be comfortable for walking.

On the day your retreat begins the driver will meet you at the location at 5:00PM. Depending on the day you finish your retreat, we will leave the Sacred Valley at about 11:00AM and will be in the city centre in Cusco by 12:00PM.

Where are the retreats located?

Our centre is about an hour and ten minutes from Cusco city in the Sacred Valley, nestled inbetween Pisac and Calca. We are surrounded by mountains and an hour and a half walk up our mountain is a Sacred Inca site to the resting place of their creator God. There are condors living here, fruit trees and a river to walk along. This is a small Peruvian village it is simple and very quiet. You can safely take walks and we will take hikes up the mountain as long as you are interested in doing so.