Who we are and what we do

We are a team of kind and knowledgeable Peruvian shamans and holistic therapists practicing with the aid of plant medicines and energy healing. Ayahuasca healing involves a complete liberation of our hearts and minds. Once this happens it gives participants the ability to connect within themselves, helping them to be honest, respectful, humble and determined in their paths.

Our practice is traditional shamanic medicine, incorporated with meditation techniques. The retreats are focused in guiding participants to understand how to heal themselves by implementing positive practices and understanding themselves and their place in the universe. These methods we practice are lifelong aids in improving attitude, creating positive feelings, leaving behind bad habits, bettering eating habits, greatly improving physical, spiritual and emotional health.

Everyone who works with us at Shamanic Vida is dedicated, passionate and gracious for their life path in shamanism and guiding others. We believe everyone can have a fulfilling life and learn the power of healing through ayahuasca ceremonies. The work we do is personal and for this reason we keep our groups small. We look forward to your joining us and taking the first step into your new life journey.

Our Team

Everyone assisting during the ceremony has had long term experience with the medicine or another medical field. We look for people who are energetic, open minded, humble and hospitable. The people we work with are here to help bring forth positive change in the world and every situation they may encounter.