Safety when taking Ayahuasca

For you to help make sure your body is prepared for ayahuasca we recommend a diet. This is diet involves limiting certains foods and also drugs. In the diet we ask for you to avoid canned foods, chocolates, msg and condiments this is due to the chemical tyramine. It is an amino acid found to dangerously increase blood pressure when combined with an MAOI, such as ayahuasca.

Be sure to follow the safety precautions we provide for any prescription medications. You may need to consult with your Doctor if you take any prescription, anti-depressants, mood-stabilizers, anti-anxiety medications and more. If you are unsure please ask our team.

AT THE CENTRE: After having had experience in other centres we decided to come together here and do small groups in our ceremonies. This allows for a more individualized care before, during and after ceremonies. Before the ceremony our assistants will check the blood pressure of anyone who is at risk and make sure you are drinking water during the day. During the ceremonies you will be checked on periodically, told to drink water, offered anything you need to make your experience comfortable. Our groups are small and we have watchful eyes on every person in the room and they are accounted for and stable. If there are any unstable participants we have a protocol in place,if they are affecting other people. We have another room next to the ceremony room, this way everyone can have a calm experience at the retreat. All of our assistants are trained in CPR and basic first aid.

Periodic checks on all participants are a part of the reason we have smaller groups. Ayahuasca ceremonies are a serious spiritual undertaking and while participants are in such a vunerable state it is our concern they feel safe, comfortable and cared for at all times.

Ayahuasca FAQ

These are the most common questions and concerns about coming to our retreat and taking ayahausca. Should you have questions outside of this do not hesitate to contact us

Ayahuasca (6)

Will ayahuasca change my life?
It does occur frequently! By aligning your mind, body and spirit the medicine shows you what you need to live a fulfilling life and shows you what is the best path for you. Your knowledge of self will be much more in tune afterwards.
What are the effects of Ayahuasca?
Lasting 3 to 4 hours, results are different for every person. The visions and senses felt by each person are truly as unique as snowflakes. The effects go beyond what you can imagine yourself, your subconscious will be unlocked and you will receive messages of all sorts from the master plant.
Are there any side effects from taking ayahuasca?
Yes. This is why your body will need to be pure. During the ceremony, it will cause your heart rate to increase, there will be hot and cold flashes. You will vomit and some people have diarrhea.
Are there any dangers in taking Ayahuasca?
There is virtually no danger in taking ayahuasca, the indigenous used it for thousands of years without issue. In the news there have been a few disappointing stories Ayahuasca. There has been trouble with misuse in some jungle regions and people practicing in unsafe environments (satanic ceremonies) and using mixed medicine. To be entirely safe, we ask you your medical history and ask for 100% disclosure.
Who cannot take Ayahuasca?
People with heart conditions, neurological conditions (such as: epilepsy), pregnant women, women during their menstruation, children under 18.
Can ayahuasca heal physical ailments or heal diseases?
Sometimes it can heal physical ailments, if they are immune related or psycosamtic. For those who are paralyzed it helps bring acceptance and help them live happy lives. For terminal illnesses, deadly viruses and infections, the ayahuasca is a wonderful end of life therapy, it brings calmness, serenity, peace and contentment.

Health (4)

Do I need vaccinations?
Vaccinations are not necessary here, consult with your medical professional if you are concerned.
Can I take ayahuasca on my period?
It is best to plan your ayahuasca journey around your menstration dates.
Can I take ayahuasca if I am pregnant?
No, it is not recommended and can cause miscarriage.
What medical conditions are incompatible with ayahuasca?
If you have heart disease, diabetes, gastric banding or other severe conditions you must speak to your medical professional and advise our team. Also if you are schizophrenic or a severe bipolar.
Can I smoke medical marijuana?
During the retreat and before we ask all participants to discontinue their use of cannabis.

The Centre(4)

Is it safe to travel alone?
Yes. We are in an very safe environment here in Cusco, Peru it is a very safe city in general.
Should I arrive the same day or arrive a day early?
The same day or a few days before is fine.
Where to stay in Cusco for the night or during the day?
We meet at a designated location in Cusco. For recommendations send us an email.
What should I do in Cusco before we meet?
If your flight comes into Cusco early or late into Lima, we recommend flying into Cusco early. You can leave your bags at your hotel. You will have the day to relax or visit Museums, Cusco has various daytime activities to offer.
What size are the groups?
Through our experience we have found that the small the group the better results. There will be no more than 8 people in each group.
Can I drink the water?
No, not unless it is boiled. It is fine for brushing teeth and showering.

Your Stay (6)

What is the weather like?
It is important to bring clothes for the cold here in Cusco temperatures drop low at night and are spring like during the day. If you are coming during the season of November to February you need to bring a raincoat.
Can I check email, messages or calls
There is Wifi. We ask that you do not use any electronics consciously, focusing on yourself and your treatment.
Is there a phone for emergencies?
Yes, absolutely.
May I share a room with my partner?
You may, but it is best you focus on yourselves and really meditate during this experience. Too much mixing of energies at this stage can stunt the emotional and human growth you will experience during the retreat.
What happens if I do not follow protocol?
There are no refunds or outside accomodations made for anyone who does not follow protocol.
Do you provide transportation to the airport?
We are happy to help arrange transportation from or to the airport, however this is not included.