Spirituality is only a part of our technique.

There are many spiritual paths which lead us to the same light, from Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Yogism, Judaism, Shamanism, etc. We are fortunate many people have come to us from many different paths to share and learn.

The spirituality we rediscover in SV is focused on the mix of different currents of spiritualties; we do not discriminate against any religion or those without religion. The Shamanism of ayahuasca is focused in universal love, sharing and respecting, respect for yourself, the beings surrounding us, the universe and Mother Nature.

The medicine, ayahausca is a feminine spirit who acts as a teacher, mother, grandmother, friend and guide. The power animal of ayahuasca is a snake, known in the Amazon as “Ronin” or the cosmic serpent which brings messages of universal knowledge, health and regeneration.

Respect for Ayahuasca as a Medicine

With the recent surge in popularity and media interest of ayahuasca, it is important people understand the truth of Ayahuasca as a medicine, used for therapeutic purposes and why it is not for recreational use. It is a connector to the ancient world and healing technique.

Ayahuasca's extreme activation of the central nervous system was a cure-for-all, in a time void of modern medicine. Shaman in this epoch was interchangeable with doctor. Their knowledge was verbal, within the songs called icaros. When ayahuasca activates the nervous system it also purifies the physical body, all the while the patient is immersed in psychedelic visions overcoming any psychological imbalances. Medical tradition in shipibo culture, treats mental ailments as seriously as physical ailments, heart break needs to be cured just as moderate disease would need to be. To this day ayahuasca is used in the Amazon as a therapy and as a connection to the spirit world, treating people on a deeper level modern medicine has yet to reach. The recreational usage of ayahuasca is traditionally among families of Shipibos to pass down history, curing songs and in training future shamans.

Can ayahuasca be used recklessly and recreationally? For those who have taken ayahuasca it is easy to say, no this is not recreational. But, there is a type of recreational use occurring, from a combination of other plants, with similar effects, so it is typically called ayahuasca. With this people are treating themselves in their homes alone. People have communicated negative experiences with this substance, creating a social smog around the true medicine. Ayahuasca, is the traditional therapeutic brew. For those desperately in need of a connection and by any means necessary, willing to travel outside of a Shaman’s care, there is only one safe answer for these recreational journeys have a sitter. These travelers must consider their participation in their own safety a step towards future positive endorsements of the medicine.

When considering taking ayahuasca, remember the history, centuries of experience, respect for the amazon and it’s plants. The healing is about mindfulness and working on your internal self. By using the plant as a therapy, one will reap the positive benefits of the plant and consequently protect the Amazon. The Amazon holds many mysteries, yet to be discovered. Many of these mysteries are within the shamans passed down knowledge.

As a part of the treatment our travelers leave feeling a sense of equilibrium as well as, being emotionally and spiritually healthy. Clear headed healthy aligned humans are the light needed in societies worldwide. Take ayahuasca as a therapy to respect the peoples of the amazon, to help your society and to share the therapy with others in need of answers and cures.

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