Sacred Dieta

Each individual healing is completely unique. Through this in depth process we have more time to see your personal needs for healing and developement. If you are feeling called to begin an immersion from a distance or take a retreat for a few weeks, this may be your path.

Depending on the person and our assesment of their healing and growth, the healer decides on sacred plants, flowers, bushes or trees, either Amazonian or Andean, to best suit the needs of the person and help bring about the changes desired in their physical, energetic and spiritual bodies.

This process arrives to deep insight, healing, inner knowledge and understanding, it does not require the use of ayahuasca. Many do decide to take part in ceremony at specific recommended points in their dieta.

Some examples of reasons one may embark on a dieta: reproductive issues, digestive system healing, pregnancy loss, difficult transitions in life, neurological imbalances, long-term depression, to open creativity, clearing SSRIs, finding a balance in family, healing traumas, deeper understanding of oneself, desire to delve into plant world as a serious student and many more.

There are countless reasons one may decide to take a sacred journey of dieta, often the feeling it is their time to move beyond the basics and heal themselves on a more profound level. The process to enter into dieta begins through contacting us by email, then we may have one or many calls to find an understanding, harmony and answer your questions. This process requires energetic connection and dedication from both the healer and the person dieting.