Preparing your body for Ayahuasca, the diet

What you may and may not consume.

The preparation diet is important before your retreat. A pure body helps you effectively connect with the spirit of the medicine. In the Amazonian tradition, the more time you spend dieting, the more benefits you reap from the medicine. The minimum amount of time you must follow the diet is one week before your retreat, keeping in a mind state of peace and meditation all the while.

Please avoid for minimum one week: Red meat, shellfish, pork and chicken. Do not have food with excess salt, sugar or spices. No peppers such as jalapeƱos, habaneros, etc. No fried food. NO CANNED, frozen or other preservative foods(condiments). Avoid cow products (DAIRY). Not drinking cold drinks helps clear your system over time, try to drink hot or at room temperature beverages. Do not consume marijuana or alcohol. No sexual contact.

We recommend eating either Vegan or Icto-Vegan diet: Fresh fish, boiled eggs, vegetable milks (almonds, sesame, soy, rice), salads with vegetables, lentils, rice, garbanzo, beans, yuccas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, acidic fruits, sweet fruits, olives and avocados.

The effects of Ayahuasca

The effects of the medicine vary from person to person, it may take effect within 30 minutes of being ingested. Physical effects can start with numbness, cold, heat, chills, nausea or physical discomfort; you will most likely vomit (purification) and have psychedelic visions. You will enter in connection with the spirit of the plant (Mother Ayahuasca) and leave humbly. Through purification you will align your life to a greater understanding, live in harmony, accepting your mistakes, forgiving yourself and forgiving others.

It is normal to mourn or laugh during the ceremony, the plant can open the connection with your inner self (the subconscious), with past experiences, fears, traumas or other emotions, which you can work through with and overcome. In the end you will have better intuition, patience, love and harmony with yourself and the world around you.